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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 24, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> we're in for mercy monday morning, showing strong storms , moving across much of our area, don't want it leave yourself some extra time to get to work this morning. >> "eyewitness news" cameras out in center city overnight as the heavy rain fell. matt peterson, he's here with more on the next round every rain and storm headed our way, plus this. >> delivering a warning to his fellow republicans. i'm with the latest on healthcare and the russia investigation from washington. well, today's monday, july m
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jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie off today. so matt, holding things down, meisha keeping an eye on the roads, already wet out there. >> oh. it is busy, in the traffic department. i know, matt, you're just as busy if not more busy. i have to tell you we have flooding guys, everywhere, delaware, new jersey, accident out there, we have hydroplaning going on shall we have so much activity, so take it easy. >> definitely, now the good news for the folks on the roads is it looks like the main precipitation starting to kind of fade out. so we will get little bit of drier conditions, at times here this morning, which could help us not just with our drive to work, but all of the flooding that's out there, like meisha was just talking about on the roadways, we definitely need to be kind of clearing that off. outside right now, on our neighborhood network, if you are down near the delaware area, it is a little bit better. we are looking at some some drier conditions. storm scan3 shows all of the precipitation still out there. all of the rain and thunderstorms again now pushing off to the east, some
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drier air trying to filter in on the back side of it, giving us some quieter conditions for the time being, but what we are watching is the next round every thunderstorm activity starting to come together in central pennsylvania, that is going to slide on through, as we get towards the second half of our afternoon, temperatures , we sit in the 70s so relatively seasonable start to the day, 7 degrees right now, in philly. later this afternoon, we are going to get up to shy of 90, meisha, again, see some sunshine there on our day planner, that's good news for us, but here this morning, still some shower activity. >> get through this morning commute, matt, okay, thank you so much. the good news, yes, we will see little sun later but let's focus on what's going on right now, keep you safe as i can. right now accident involving jackknife tractor-trailer, 59 at the vine, one lane squeezing by, now they have all lanes block, so the boulevard frankford avenue something that you might want to consider. leading to up they are, a 95 south before the vine, so before getting up to the
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jackknife tractor-trailer, where we have some flooding veering off taking the onramp then back on 95. stopped again, still getting very busy around there, 59 north past broad, also where we have some flooding so just be careful, and the vine westbound, before the schuylkill, right lane is compromised right now, weaver some flooding there, and you can just see how wet and how dark everything looks. take it easy and flooding here cherry hill, closed route 41, kings highway, your alternate, route 73 your best bet, then another place flooding 295 northbound near route four, one lane is blocked there. then, some more flooding in new jersey, route 130, closed right now at route 47. your alternates, 295 or new jersey turnpike, going to be your best bet. take it very easy around that area. and also, in delaware, route 40, pulaski highway near apple bee road, alternate route 13,
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dupont highway. anywhere from talking about 95 , to new jersey, delaware, anywhere around the area, that you are seeing it being wet outside, there is a chance of flooding and hydroplaning, especially on the bridges and bridge decks and side street, where all of the watt kerr pool. so take it real easy. more to come in a little bit. jan, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. live look at some of the flooding in the city of camden , you can see, a car is stranded in the water there. this is happening right now at tulip and master streets one of the areas experiencing flooding this morning. >> south jersey has been a specially hard hit by storms overnight. trang do with more on the weather there, trang, good morning, what are you seeing? >> fortunately for us the rain pretty much ended here, although we've seen the occasional lightning strike overnight the rain very heavy, i can a test to it, uber, we're driving through it, causing flooding in some areas take a look at some of the
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video we shot overnight. >> this was shot on ninth street in ocean city. where you can see, some very minor flooding. now down here at the shore, much of atlantic county point south was really spared of any significant damage. but i was able to take cell phone video of close lightning strikes as we drove through camden county overnight, pse&g is reporting roughly 3,000 customers without power right now. most of them, split between burlington and camden counties and at this point, the most significant damage that we have been able to see so far is a fire on the northbound black horse pike some downed power lines, emergency crews on scene, but told all of the northbound lanes are closed at this point. so we have a crew head today that scene and we will bring you more information on that, but, here in atlantic city, pretty much all clear, all quiet. we really dodged a bullet here , but for now, live in atlantic city, trang do, cbs-3 , "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> all right, trang, thank you
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, stay safe. >> nature put on quite a show in new jersey as strong thunderstorms passed through. "eyewitness news" viewer captain mike rosman captured this video of waterspout in cumberland county happened about 4:00 yesterday afternoon , see the funnel moving quitely through the clouds, thanks, mike, for sharing this video with us. >> and heavy downpours have left some local communities with a good amount of standing water there is was the scene in chaddsford, delaware county last night, water came up to the doors of this jeep, remember, that even a little bit of standing water err can sweep your car away during the storm. >> and in other news, several people have been forced out of their homes after a fire in wynnefield height. flames swept through an apartment building on the 1600 block of north 52nd street at about midnight last night. firefighters had it under control. the cause of the fire under investigation. new interim district attorney, noontime swearing in ceremony will be held at city
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hall, for kelly hodge, she will become the city's first african-american da. former prosecutor takes over for the district attorney seth williams who resigned last month after pleading guilty for federal corruption charges hodge will serve until either republican bet grossman or democrats rat krasner takes over in january. also, today, this man, face sentencing in the shooting of philadelphia police bike officer. william was convict in the april of this year, and the shooting of officer daniel kostick in april of 2015. this happened near 50th and mass nerve west philadelphia. now, officer was able to return fire and injured him in the elbow. >> well, president trump is expected to deliver a statement on healthcare later today. this as the president issues his strongest warning yet to senate republicans over the repeal and replacement of the affordable care act. correspondent with more now on what is said to be very busy day in washington. >> reporter: president trump issued a warning sunday evening to the gop, tweeting if republicans don't repeal
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and replace the disastrous obamacare, the repercussions will be far greater than any of them understanded. the senate is expected to vote this week on a republican healthcare bill, though some lawmakers say they still haven't been told yet whether they'll be decide to go replace obama obamacare or just repeal is it. >> i don't think that's a good approach to face the legislation that affect millions of people in one/six of our economy. >> congress also set to pass new sanctions this week against russia for its role in election interferance. >> president's trump senior advisor and son-in-law set to testify on russia here in washington today, in a closed senate intelligence meeting. >> what concerns me the most anything that could be hell over the president's head that could influence us policy. >> mr. trump has privately discussed presidential pardon, but, white house advisors dis a grow on how much the president has been looking
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into it. >> pardon are not discussed and not on the table. >> paul manafort have agreed talk with congressional investigators. cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> well, historic drought is causing big problems in one country. and we will tell you where it is and how it could be impacting what we eat and drink. >> and we aren't the only ones facing severe werth. we'll tell you where heavy rains caused dangerous flooding over the weekend. >> crews have gained the upper hands on this forest fire in south jersey but much of it still burning. we'll have an update for you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> lots of rain for us today, a lot of rain falling this monday, all across the region.
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matt is working hard on your forecast and will have the latest when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> italy in the midst after extreme drought, especially being hard hit, construction could begin the of the historic city where proposal would turn water off every day for a million and a half resident, it has dried up, and farmers say $2.3 billion of damage has been done to the country's tomato, grape and olive crops. >> closer to home, crews have contained the fire in wharton state forest burlington county officials say the size of the fire is still at 3500 acres, but is now under control. no properties or lives are threatened. trails near the fire has have been closed, has been burning since thursday afternoon, fire fighers have been monitoring the situation and expected an update around noon today. no word on what cause that fire. >> search left resume in northern kentucky for elderly man whose home was apparently swept away by flood waters. authorities say the 82 year old victim afraid trailer near creek and august gust that, about hour north of lexington. authorities spent the daylight hours yesterday searching a
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debris field that stretched 2 miles. officials holding out hope they'll find him. they say still too early to call the search effort a recovery mission. take a look at this flashflood that sudser add home in up-state new york. the conditions made it nearly impossible for the family to escape, but luckily, they had a raft. authorities say the resident used the rafter to get over to neighbor's house until the water receded. >> lord. >> time is 5:14. closer to home. >> yes. >> matt, you said earlier, at least it looks like most of the rain has moved out or is moving out of the evening on? >> yes. >> did i make that up? >> slowly starting to move out of the region, good news for us, now, i know all every us, we got up this morning to come into work. it was pouring rain. and the good news, again, though, is we're starting to see this rain taper off. it is to has been coming down fast and furious, really, since last evening, and through the overnight hours, as well. check out these rain amounts, from last night, now, here into this morning, winterthur
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over 7 inches every rain from last night, ship bottom, new jersey, over 4 inches every rain, down in other parts every delaware as well getting over 4 inches every rain again even in chad forwards, just shy of 4 inches every rain. has just been pouring rain for more than the last ten to 15 hours, again, across all of the delaware valley, and the surrounding areas as well. still, dealing with the effect of that rain, in the way of flashflood warnings, here this morning. one that we're kind of more concerned with, northern delaware, just west of the city. that one goes until 9:00 this morning, that's flashflood warning, if you are driving around, to start out the day, you need to be careful. area of flood and advisories for the most part, they continue to actually cancel these. that's some good news for us as the precipitation continues to slide eastward, i think that most of these flood advisories will continue to be canceled. storm scan3, continues to show you, again, the rain, thunderstorm activity moving away, drier air trying to settle in, for the time being, but we watch as another round every thunderstorms starts to develop out to the west of us,
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and that round every thunderstorm activity will eventually get back closer to philly as we go through the afternoon hours today. you see by 8:00 this morning, maybe just few spotty showers, for us here in philly. still looking at some maybe heavier rainfall up near the poconos through about mid-morning, maybe even as late as about 10:00 this morning. dry for most every us through the afternoon, once we get to the 5:00, of 7:00 time frame the next round every shower and thunderstorm activity begins. you can see starting in the poconos, then it will push itself further to the south, lingering through the overnight hours, tonight, in general, it looks like our tuesday just few spotty showers, 89 for the high today get cooler us to, high temperature thereof 83, again, not ton every sunday shine for us, few lingering showers, and 82 our pick of the week, wednesday, and then meisha we start to get hot, start to get little humid, and the rain showers return for thursday and friday. >> all right, matt, oh, it is going to be busy, so look at what you're looking at right
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now. shot of flooding in camden, tulip street at master street. see that vehicle stuck in the water. this is just kind of giving you a snapshot of what kinds you're dealing with out there. not all of the places will be this deep. but you will have to look out for hydroplaning, that's going to be a major concern, not to mention the fact that in a lot of places we're looking at some flooding out there. so, first of all, let's look at the accident involving jackknife tractor-trailer, 95 south at the vine, all lanes currently block for awhile they had opened up one lane now back to all lanes block, your alternate boulevard frankford avenue. but before you even head up there, this is what we're seeing in terms every flooding ninety-five south before the vine. all lanes are now blocked, in this area, you're being diverted off on to the vine, from 95 right now, so you won't even make it up to where you were going to be 95 south of the vine where the jackknife tractor-trailer was. so for the vine being diverted off on to the vine now. flooding, 59 north and southbound near broad street, heads up on this area there is
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area also seems to be very heavy with water, accumulating , pooling, causing a loft issues there, accident on the vine westbound before the schuylkill, the right lane compromised there, and then we have some flooding in new jersey, as well. so the good news is route 70 at route 41, all lanes both directions blocked, that has now since been cleared. however, flooding is still out here. 295 northbound, near route 42, one lane is blocked here, you will be taking it very slow through these areas that have flood being, then also in new jersey route 130 closed at route 47. your alternates, 295 or new jersey turnpike, going to be your best bet. then of course flooding in delaware, as well, so heads up on this, route 40, pulaski highway near apple bee road, your alternates, route 13, or dew month highway is your best bet, i would say just take it very, very carefully, and easy today, and leave your homes little early, rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank youment looking at newspaper headlines
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from across our region. >> changes are coming to pennsylvania's sex offender registry, the changes made in 2012 that he can pants dollars and tough ends reporting rules under the state's inning and law, can be applied retroactively. the state police which runs the megan law website says it is too soon to know how many offenders will be removed from the site. >> in the burlington county times about 450 new jersey residents will head to washington dc on wednesday, to protest proposed cuts to housing programs. >> number new jersey non-profit provides affordable housing, organize cents as part every it annual hill day. >> doylestown borough council has given it support to build a family friendly bike pump track. a pump track is a short closed loop made of low hills. by the way, rahel, did you know that the name pump track comes from the pumping motion used by the writers -- riders upper and lower body around
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the track. >> thank you for, that jim donovan. and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. up next, pat is here with your morning sports, good morning, pat. >> good morning, guys, we'll get you ready for football for the eagles the quest for that he will lewes i have superbowl begins today as training camp gets started also, a former temple student is $8 million richer, thanks to his poker skills. meet scott blum steen, next in
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>> welcome back, we're glad you're with thus morning. >> talking eagles football. >> can you believe football is back? >> it is hot, humid, training camp time. competition is good. what's this camp is about. that was doug pederson's message, who have reported to training camp, at the nova care complex, they take the field for the first time this morning. >> year two of the doug pederson regime, eagles are looking for more, the birds finished seven and nine last season, this is also your two forecaster on wentz.
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he showed flashes of why he was the second overall pick, and this off season the birds gave him plenty of veteran help, adding blunt, tour i smith, al front jefferies to help him take the next tonight al sean things the birds will have great offense this year. >> we will do unbelievable things this year, we're going to put the ball in his hands, let him have fun with it, like i said, skies are the limit. just go out there and put the work in. >> garrett and the phillies wrapped up their series with milwaukee yesterday. fighting's looking for back-to-back series wins. game tide in the fifth. bases loaded for how i kendrick, just offer the dl. and he seize it into center fields. pits the fulls up four to two, pick up second win of the season. phils win the series six-three , your final, host the best in the american league, houston astros in inter-league action tonight in south philadelphia. it was a wild final round at the british open for jordan
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spieth. he had three shot lead going into the day. he lost it, then made a furious come back for the, here on 13, spieth goes way right. 40 yards from the fairway into the thick grass, forcing a penalty drop. he was bogeyed the hole and lose the lead to matt. time for furious come back. spieth birdies 14, here on 15, for eagle, that's proper drainage right there. he regains the lead. spieth shot five under par on the final five holes. to win the british open by three strokes. he and jack nicklaus the only players to win three legs of the grand-slam at age 23. >> new jersey man with catting agree from temple university is this year's world series of poker champion. >> deuce and a deuce only would give scott the main event title. and it is the deuce. >> give him the deuce. twenty-five year old scott blumsteen played 246 hands every poker, and walk away
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from the main event with more than $8.15 million. plum steens beat out daniel for the win. but don't feel too bad for him , 4.7 million, prior to becoming the champion, the most blumsteen took home in one event was only about 200,000. all told, there were over 7200 participants vying for the title. the new jersey native is still absorbing the moment from his big win, tweeting yesterday, still in shock. and i'm not sure when it will sing in completely. but for right now i'm just enjoying the moment. all of the support means so much. that's one heck of a poker face. you know who played poker, my mom. >> your mom plays poker? >> my 80 year old mom walks up to the table oh, look at the little old taney -- lady. >> i'm not playing poker her. >> i'm telling you, thank you, patrick. coming up up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news," the economy getting downgraded we'll tell you why in a live report from wall street. >> also this morning, charges are expected to be filed later
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today in a deadly case of human trafficking. we've got more on the incident that left nine people dead over the weekends. >> also ahead hear from people who are suing over parking in south philly. why they want to eliminate some parking spots there. matt? >> well, jim, we are looking at rain and thunderstorms right now. but it is going to be much quieter as we get a look into this coming weekend. some sunshine as well, as seasonable temperatures for us saturday and sunday, but talking about the showers and thunderstorms for our monday, going to break down the forecast women g
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> good moving, first here's what you need to start your day in the morning minute. today is monday, july 24th. >> severe weather triggers flashflood warnings and leaves thousands of people in the dark overnight. what we're watching is the next round every thunderstorm activity starting to come together in central pennsylvania. you can just see how wet and how dark everything looks. hydroplaning clearly going to be an issue. a first for philadelphia. kelly hodge takes the oath of office today to become the city's first african-american female district attorney. she will serve until republicans bet grossman or democrat larry krasner takes over in february.


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